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The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food published in The Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia the 5th public tender for sub-measure 19.3 - "Preparation and implementation of cooperation activities of the local action group" from the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. In the context of a public inquiry, € 3.1 million in grants were issued in operations between LAGs (Local Action Groups).

Sub-measure 19.3 - "Preparation and implementation of cooperation activities of the local action group" is one of the supports under the LEADER initiative. The call for tenders is intended to co-finance the implementation of activities in projects between local action groups of the Republic of Slovenia or activities of cooperation with partners from foreign countries.

As part of the sub-measure, projects that have a clearly defined outcome and clearly define the benefit for the local area can be implemented. The operation may also focus on capacity building in the exchange of knowledge, for example:

- publications, seminars for opportunities,

- exchange of staff with a view to implementing common working methods in

- coordinated and joint work on the development of the area.

Operations related to the development and marketing of services in the company, promotion of new products, practices, procedures and technologies, integration of vulnerable groups, organization of joint processes by exchanging resources in equipment, creation of short supply chains of food at local retailers and collective environmental operations can also be carried out.

The rate of public support is 85 % of the eligible costs and the support is eligible for LAG partners.

Submission of the application form: to Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development, from 6th January 2020 to 28th February 2020.

Any further information: Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development (Dunajska cesta 160, 1000 Ljubljana; tel: +386 1 580 77 92, e -mail: aktrp@gov.si).

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