Slika konferenca logoWorkshop "Establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes" was organised from 25 - 26 March 2014 by the European Commission and hosted by Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of agriculture and the environment and supported by Chamber of agriculture and forestry. The Workshop has been taking place at Austria trend hotel.

The European Innovation Partnership on “Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability” (EIP-AGRI) aims to boost innovation in agriculture and forestry all over the EU. In particular, by focusing on forming partnerships with different types of actors in Operational Groups, existing knowledge and perspectives are shared and new insights and ideas are generated. This lead to more focused solutions that are put faster into practice. Within this context, DG AGRI is organizing several EU regional workshops that arel focusing on establishing Operational Groups under Rural Development Programmes.

The workshop in Ljubljana disseminate knowledge and understanding of the practical implementation of the EIP-AGRI amongst a varied range of stakeholders that subsequently is expected to help promote / stimulate the EIP-AGRI in participant's own Member States and regions, notably regarding the setting-up of Operational Groups.

The workshop has concentrate on:

  • Introducing the key principles for practical implementation of the EIP AGRI, with a specific focus upon setting-up Operational Groups with RDP funding
  • Providing specific examples of the form and function of Operational Groups and the necessary Innovation Support Services
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience between potential "EIP multipliers" participants
  • Identifying practical next steps for "EIP multipliers" participants to stimulate / promote the practical implementation of the EIP AGRI
  • Connecting any potential Operational Group partners that are participating




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